Why LeTutor Language School?

Simple: We teach you to speak a foreign language.

You should choose Le Tutor because we are the best at teaching you to SPEAK a foreign language.
  • Native fluency teachers
  • Small class sizes
  • Affordable Lessons
  • Speaking practice with fluent teachers every class
  • Easy language learning strategies
  • Free trial lesson

Spanish Classes Phoenix

Being located in Phoenix makes Spanish a very popular language. We offer conversational Spanish classes 5 days a week for both beginner and intermediate students. Private lessons are also available for students with advanced fluency or those with needs in specific areas. All of our Spanish lessons are led by native fluency Spanish teachers. Call or email us using the contact form to schedule a FREE Spanish class today!

Le Tutor’s Focus On Fluency

Most of us have taken a high school or college language class, and yet we can barely speak the language at all. At Le Tutor, we simplify learning a foreign language and teach you how to communicate in real life situations. Whether you want to make new friends, increase your business opportunities, better serve your customers or patients, or make foreign travel more enjoyable our classes will properly prepare you.Classes are taught in a simple, straightforward manner, and are led by native fluency teachers helping you to progress rapidly in fun and interactive ways. We provide effective language classes for real life. Don’t sit in another classroom with 40 students just taking notes. Learn to SPEAK the language!

How We Compare

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