The 99 Ranch Market Phoenix, Arizona

The 99 Ranch Market is an Asian Supermarket that was created in order to satisfy the craving of Asian immigrants for quality Asian food. The 99 Ranch Market started in 1984 as an Asian Supermarket for this reason, but has since grown to feed people from all over the world, helping them experience real Asian culture. The 99 Ranch Market is a great Asian Supermarket that offers Japanese, Chinese, and Korean foods. These Asian Supermarkets are located all throughout Arizona and California and serves as a great cultural expression of the Asian community.
By shopping at The 99 Ranch Asian Supermarket people can step out of their comfort zone and experience another world. One can also use the experience of shopping at an Asian Super market to practice their language skills. It is a great and fun experience that has more to offer then just buying food.
In addition the Asian Supermarket, The 99 Ranch Market focuses on supporting the Asian community and promoting education. A scholarship is given every year for students who show excellent performance in Chinese schools. The 99 Ranch Market has also played a major role in helping relief efforts towards disaster victims. They have had a particularly large role in sending relief funds to victims of the 2004 Tsunami in South Asia and to victims of the 2008 China Sichuan Province earthquake.
The 99 Ranch Market is heavily involved with the Chinese Cultural Center. The Chinese Cultural Center prides itself on being one of the best centers of Asian culture in the South West. This center provides many cultural events and activities throughout the year. They are a great supporter of The 99 Ranch Market, truly allows people to have a cultural experience, without having to travel outside of their home country.
An Asian Supermarket is an important aspect of American life. An Asian Supermarket represents the massive amounts of immigrants that make up this nation. We all know that America is made up of many different cultures and places like The 99 Ranch Market bring a greater awareness of this reality. Having an Asian Supermarket like The 99 Ranch Market serves as a great opportunity for Asians and non- Asians alike to experience Asian culture, practice language skills, and eat some great food.

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