Teaching Methods

Key Teaching Methods

  • Practical topic based lessons
  • Simplified grammar and writing lessons
  • Cultural exposure
  • Consistent speaking practice with fluent instructors

Le Tutor is not a gimmicky program that makes outrageous promises. However, we do believe, and have proven, that our methods produce faster results than traditional academic programs. Our methods emphasize developing conversational fluency through situational learning, simplified grammar, and interactive speaking and listening practice with fluent teachers.

Simple Methods, Big Results

We’ve become accustomed to the marketing machine that has elaborate schemes for making things easy and giving us the big sell.  Our program is built on thousands of years of successful language acquisition.  We teach students to learn a new language the way they learned their native language.  Learn the basics and expand, practice regularly, and speak as often as possible in the language.  The proof is in the pudding and our students have proven success.  Read our testimonials of students who have had more success with our teachers in 2 months than they did in 2 years of studying at a college or with self-study.

Try a Free Lesson and see for yourself.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Contact us here

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