Ballet Arizona performs Napoli at the Symphony Hall in February

From February 12-15, Ballet Arizona will perform the ballet “Napoli”, thus becoming the first American ballet company to perform it. The performance will take place at the Symphony Hall at Downtown  Phoenix and the company are looking forward to it. They can’t wait to perform it in front of ballet fans, as it’s one of the masterpieces of the genius Danish choreographer August Bournonville.

August Bournonville

What is the story behind this piece?

Regarded as “one that best celebrates this world, real life, vitality and joy,” by the New York Times, Napoli tells the story of a poor fisherman, Gennaro and his love, Teresina. One day, while sailing together, a storm washes Teresina into the sea, so Gennaro sets out to save her. Teresina gets captured by sea spirits, who take her to the a cave called the blue grotto, the home of Golfo, who is an evil sea spirit. Golfo transforms Teresina into a Naiad, a Fairy of the Sea, but later on, through faith she gets returned to her old self, and at the end of the ballet she and Gennaro get married.

The happy ending of this story is a manifestation of the Romanticism era tradition, where light prevails over darkness, good over bad and love over all. The fact the ballet will also be performed on valentines day makes it a perfect as the story suits very much the day that it will be performed.

Ib Andersen the great director in charge of Ballet Arizona

Ib Andersen is the director of Ballet Arizona and one of two only performers with the required expertise to perform this piece. He is a regular when it comes to Bournonville’s works and can be considered an expert into mastering the tricky moves and footwork that characterize Bournonville’s ballets. Ib made his debut at the age of 7, and Napoli was his first stage performance. He joined the Royal Danish Ballet at the age of 16 and became a principal of it at 20, thus becoming the youngest principal in the company’s history. During 2012 his work with Ballet Arizona was highly rated by many, and the performance at at the Joyce Theatre in New York City received praises The New York Times, Financial Times and The New York Post. He will be directing the show in Phoenix in February.

A special event that will remain in the memories of ballet lovers

With Ib Andersen in charge, directing such a masterpiece as Napoli, will make  prove Phoenix to be a decent competitor for other cultural centers such as New York or San Francisco. As one of the most remarkable events in Phoenix’s cultural history, Napoli is expected to raise interest among citizens. The ticket prices will vary, the cheapest ones being 15$. There will be, of course, a discount for the elderly, military, students and groups coming together.

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