Cinema Paradis – French Film Week at FilmBar

The FilmBar theater was founded in February, 2011, in 815 N 2nd Street in Phoenix. Since then has become one of the major movie theaters in Phoenix. Award after award, in a short period of time, is what defined their history over the course of more than three years in the business. Consisting of a bar and a movie theater, FilmBar never failed to attract audience, who remain very interested in the movies they present.

Happening now, is the French Film Week in FilmBar. The Film Week began on March 15 and will be open until March 22. This was made possible by a joint partnership between FilmBar and Phoenix Sister Cities Grenoble Committee, a total of eight French films are set to be revealed in the big screen. Grenoble is a city in France and is nicknamed as the Capital of Alps due to its nearness to the Alp Mountains. The city is famous for research in physics and mathematics, and its architectural wonders.

The Film Week opener was “Shoot the Piano Player” (Tirez sur le pianiste), a movie from the ‘60’s, initially released as “Don’t Shoot the Piano Player”. The movie is based on the novel Down There by David Goodis. The story is about a classical pianist whose wife committed suicide, and plays the piano in a dive bar.

The closing film to be shown, coming 8th in line, to conclude the whole festival will be “Jules and Jim” (Jules et Jim). A classic of the French cinematography, the movie tells the story of two friends, Jules and Jim, who fall in love with one woman, creating a love triangle, often referred to as a tragic love triangle, due to the nature of the story. Since it release in 1962, when it became a hit, the film remains a hit and is hailed as one of the best films to date.

Don’t miss this huge event at FilmBar at any cost.

For more information about the event, click here:

List of movies to be shown on French Film Week

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