Jalapeno Inferno gets a branch in Market Street

Extra fluffy flour and corn tortilla chips come to Market Street

Jalapeño Inferno is a family owned Mexican restaurant, founded by Terry and Laura Craig in Pinnacle Peak, North Scottsdale. Being in business for for 15 years they have produced award winning specialities, who have been customer favorites for years. Extra fluffy flour and corn tortilla chips & salsa and their creative margaritas remain on the top of their customers wish-lists since the founding of the restaurant.

Recently, they have decided to expand their business and open it to a new location, also in North Scottsdale, but now on Market Street in DC Ranch. The Market Street Jalapeño Inferno offers the same menu as the original restaurant. But, the expansion of the business also involved the expansion of the menus. The chefs are being engaged in cooking healthy meals such as grilled fish tacos and fresh fruit salsas, which give the consumers plenty of options in choosing their favourite dish. For more information on Jalapeño Inferno menus:

http://jalapenoinferno.com/catering-menus/ (Catering Menus)

http://jalapenoinferno.com/market-street/ (Market Street location menu)

http://jalapenoinferno.com/pinnacle-peak-menu/ (Pinnacle Peak location menu)

A former restaurant employee, who is now an architect, Elizabeth Reiter is in charge of the interior design at the new location. The Mexican patterns will still be in the focus of the restaurant.

At Jalapeño Inferno, there is a special Anejo tequila that you cannot find at any other restaurant in the world except for Jalapeño Inferno. This beverage comes from the partnership of the Market Street Branch of Jalapeño Inferno with Patron Tequila, who produces it exclusively for the restaurant.

The co-owner Laura Craig, has declared herself extremely happy and excited for being now part of the Market Street community, and has hailed the new location as “a great location to expand our base of customers and friends”.

But this is not all from Jalapeño Inferno. There is an upcoming event on December 14 in their Market Street location. For more information: http://jalapenoinferno.com/event/jingle-and-mingle/


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