Why Language Software Sucks

Language Software Sucks

Now that I have your attention let me explain what I mean. There are many programs and gimmicks out there that claim to have the magic answer to languages. Unfortunately it doesn’’t exist, at least not yet. So let me list a few reasons why Language Software and Programs are horrible.

1. Blind Memorization: Most programs have you memorizing tons of vocabulary without teaching you how to use it. It’s like giving you oil paints without teaching you the art of painting. Yes, you need vocabulary but computers are not yet able to create real life speaking situations that a human teacher can. You have to speak with natives in order to learn how and when to use certain words

2. Predictable: All of these programs are predictable and give you the same questions and answers every time. If you try to speak with someone and they don’t ask or answer the way you have memorized you are up a creek. Humans are not predictable therefore you need to learn languages in a manner that will prepare you for spontaneous situations. Practicing and building your comfort level, confidence, and intuitive understanding will you gain the agility of a native speaker.

3. Out Dated: These programs take years to develop and after being on the market for a couple of years they are no longer relevant to today’s vocabulary and subjects. To overcome this you must read current materials in the language, like newspapers, and speak to natives.

4. You Don’t Advance: You do learn new words and concepts but your ability to use them in an actual conversation does not change. You do increase the depth of your knowledge but not your skill. This can only be done by seeking out opportunities to use your new found understanding.

After making my point I would like to say that if you have realistic expectations of your language software it can be helpful, but it will only teach you the basics. These programs are good at what they do, but are not the answer to learning to speak a language fluently. Language learning is a life long commitment that will take a combination of different learning tools and efforts to achieve your goals.

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