Great Resources To Learn Spanish Online – Websites, Apps, Worksheets, Podcasts, Youtube Channels…etc


BBC – Learn Spanish


The official BBC website has a great section in its website called Languages, where they’ve published some of the best resources to learn a language online.  Among other languages that are listed there, the Spanish language page is very rich in content with free online lessons and guides on Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.



One of the biggest websites on the internet for learning Spanish, with over a thousand of pages available for free to anyone interested to learn conversational Spanish.  Even though they’ve provided so much content for free on their website, they also have their own language courses that you can take.

Link: Spanish Language


Everyone has probably come across the website once or twice in their lifetimes, and their inner pages many times more. Why? Because they’ve published so much content on basically every topic out there, it’s really hard to miss it when looking for an answer.

Their Spanish language articles are written by expert language teachers who have gathered everything you need to know about learning the Spanish language. Besides learning Spanish, you can also learn about their culture, holidays, and Spanish speaking places for you to travel to.



If you’re young and want a really cool interactive way of learning to speak Spanish, then you must check Duolingo. It’s completely free, and the best part is that as you progress by taking the lessons listed there, each time you help to translate documents and other websites. Duolingo has over 12 million active users as of now, and has mobile applications for iOS and Android as well.




123 Teach Me offers lots of online resources to learn Spanish, including online games to make learning the language fun and many daily updated pages such: word of the day, phrase of the day, verb of the day…etc. They also have a pretty interesting Verb Conjugator and Spanish Sentence Maker to help you improve your language fluency.


Qué Onda Spanish


Qué Onda Spanish offer dynamic lessons for learning languages, including the Spanish languages among 7 other language that they have lessons for. Beginner and Advanced levels are available, as well as lessons to help you with travel, business, or medical situations. Some lessons are free, the rest of the lessons can be access by obtaining the “Pangea Passport”, which is their one-time membership fee.


Digital Dialetics – Spanish Language


Digital Dialetics offers beginner and intermediate games to help you learn Spanish. They’ve got interactive ways to teach you phrases & greetings, numbers, vocabulary, food, clothing, animals, and more. Their Spanish verb page is definitely a very valuable resource if you want to learn Spanish well.




Livemocha has a large number of Mexican Spanish lessons available for free to all the people who register at their website. The lessons are created by the community of native teacher and speakers who are more than happy to share their advice and help you learn a new language. There are more than 16 million people in the Livemocha community.




Vocabulix is the best way to learn new verbs in Spanish, easily and simply.  With over 90 predefined lessons, you won’t have a problem getting started right away. You can even create your very own lessons and share them with your friends later on.


SpaniCity – Learn Spanish


Another free resource that has lots of valuable content on the Spanish language. They’ve got audio lessons to teach you the basics such as the alphabet, numbers, popular words, and some Spanish verbs, as well as grammar, vocabulary, and Spanish phrases lessons. While you’re at it, why not learn some songs in Spanish as well. They’ve translated many, to help you become fluent in Spanish fast.


Mobile Apps



Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free

We’ve already listed the main Duolingo website and mentioned why it’s such a great resource when it comes to learning Spanish, but having a mobile application is actually the best way to keep up with your progress. You’ll get awards for successfully completing a lesson, which motivates you to continue learning, and of course, it allows you to share your progress with your friends and family.

Learn Spanish with Babbel


Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free

One of the biggest websites on the internet that offers interactive language lessons on several languages, Babbel also has apps to make the whole process of learning a new language easier. They’ve got beginner and intermediate courses on Spanish. Babbel is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Learn Spanish Phrasebook


Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free

This app is a real gem! If you’re traveling to a Spanish speaking country, this mobile app is a must-have. They’ve gathered hundreds of phrases to help you out in in any situation that you might be in. From simple conversation phrases to phrases about eating out, shopping, or getting directions. To have access to the complete phrasebook, you need to upgrade you app to the pro version.

Spanish Touch Trainer


Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free

Just like the previous app, the Spanish Touch Trainer is a must-have. Learn how to construct proper sentences in Spanish and expand your vocabulary with this interactive app. Even though it feels like you’re playing a game on your smartphone, this app actually helps you learn Spanish really well.

Learn Spanish – Bravolol


Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free

The Bravolol Parrot will teach you over 800 Spanish phrases and vocabularies. You’ll listen the parrot saying a phrase, and then you’ll record it yourself so that you can compare your skills and learn faster. Everything is categorized in specific scenarios that you might find yourself into. There’s no need for internet connection when using the app, and you can save your favorite phrases and words for faster access later on.


Coffee Break Spanish


A great resource to learn conversational Spanish. The courses are practical, theme based and are perfect to help beginner Spanish students develop an ear for the language. They offer free audio lessons and if you want to pay for more comprehensive lessons you can purchase packages that include lessons, word lists, exercises and additional audio for each lesson.


Learn Spanish – Survival Guide


This is a good introductory audio guide to Spanish. The teacher, David Spencer, speaks slowly, clearly and repeats his words frequently so that beginner students can follow the lessons. The topics are geared a survival Spanish situation that a tourist would experience. Hence the name. There are 36 lessons and it is recommended for the absolute beginner student.


Learn to Speak Spanish with Discover Spanish


Discover Spanish podcast is a supplement to their more complete lessons that include, printable pdf lessons, online games, grammar guides and vocabulary sheets. There are 36 podcasts and they are very well produced. Most are designed for beginner students.


Learn Spanish |


Spanish Pod 101 exposes students to teachers from different Spanish speaking countries like Peru, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. They offer 36 free audio lessons and a free 7 day trial. If you would like to continue with their program they offer a premium account.


Insta Spanish Lessons


Reviewers give this podcast great ratings and is very polished. It is designed for a high beginner to intermediate Spanish student and only has 11 lessons. What it is lacking in content it makes up for in quality. Definitely, give it a listen.


Spanish A+ – Finally Learn Spanish with Bilingual Podcasts


Finally Learn Spanish podcasts are taught by native teachers and focus more on intermediate level students. They give a explanation of simple grammar principles and survival situations that one would need to get around in common daily activities.


Rolling R’s: Spanish Lesson Videos


This program is actually a series of video lessons that are hosted on itunes. They are all free and your teacher Izzy builds lessons so that you can see the progression and can learn how to build sentences instead of just memorizing phrases.


Language Worksheets

Printable Spanish Worksheets & Handouts


Spanish4Teachers provides great worksheets for teachers and students. They are basic worksheets but provide simple but effective exercises. Lessons are divided into clear sections so that you can easily find the theme you are looking for. They also include links to other websites that have additional lesson plans available.


Worksheets for Kids and Children Learning Spanish


RockaLingua is a great website with very well illustrated lessons. Lessons are accented by soft rock songs that repeat the vocabulary in video and audio formats. Although, they seem to be designed for kids they would be great for beginner Adult students as well. The site does require a login to download the free lessons and there are additional lessons available to download for $35 for individuals and $75 for a teacher license.


BBC Languages – Spanish Worksheets


Straight forward no nonsense Spanish lessons for beginner students. However, there is a lot more content on the site to supplement these worksheets. Also, they are free and printable so that you can take notes and travel with them.


The Spanish Forum – Beginning Spanish Worksheets


Comprehensive grammar lessons worksheets for high beginner and intermediate students. Lessons are focused on verb tenses, using accents properly and irregular verbs. Verbs are the most important grammar element in any Latin language. Be sure to spend sufficient time studying them. Each lesson includes a link to a supplemental video lesson.


Youtube Channels

The Spanish Blog


Your teacher, Laura, is a native Spanish teacher from Spain. She has over 500 video lessons on YouTube and covers themes from beginner to high intermediate students. Her video lessons are a little bland but offer a good amount of informative free content.


Butterfly Spanish


Ana has very well organized and easy to follow lessons. Although, I wish there were more video lessons the ones that have been posted are quality lessons. Lessons do not try and cover too much at once and are explained in a simple way that makes the new concept easy to understand.


Spanish With Rocio


Rocio’s lessons use lots of pictures and provide Spanish and English translations of the sentences she is teaching. Rocio speaks clearly and slowly so that you can improve your listening comprehension. This is a good channel to build your vocabulary and work on your listening skills.


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