Chinese Cultural Center of Phoenix, Arizona

The fabulous Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix Arizona is located not far from the Sky Harbor International Airport on North 44th Street. This amazing complex has much to offer anyone with interest in history and culture. The Chinese history and culture is explored and celebrated in special events, and the many fine shops and restaurants in the Chinese Cultural Center.

Four major events are celebrated at the Chinese Cultural Center: Chinese New Year Festival, Duan Wu – Mid-Summer – Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, and World Wushu day. World Wushu day commemorates Wushu martial arts athletes with dances and martial arts competitions. There are, also, many other Chinese holidays. An on-going event at the Chinese Cultural Center is the Wall of Honor. This wall serves as a permanent monument to posterity of the values important to the ancestors and the bonds of friendship that have been created and established between cultures. People can reserve their own place on the Wall of Honor.

The history of the great civilization of China is remembered in The Gardens at the Chinese Cultural Center. The Chinese people have been a civilization for over five thousand years. The Gardens are designed by Madame Ye, famous garden architect, and it is filled with small-sized models of landmarks of five grand Chinese cities. The art style is that distinctive to the heritage of thousands of years of Chinese artisans.

The Chinese Cultural Center has many fascinating shops where authentic and traditional Chinese items can be purchased for collections and souvenirs. Some of the stores are: Asian Gold and Diamonds, Asian Fashion and Gifts, Chinese Herbal Shop, Golden Gifts, and more.

There are four fine restaurants in the Chinese Cultural Center that must be mentioned. These are the following: The 99 Super L Ranch Market – serving foods in memory of the dishes prepared by Chinese chefs in America’s wild west, the Golden Buddha – Cantonese and Mandarin style foods, Szechwan Palace – serving from Szechwan, and Lao Ching Hing – Shanghai cuisine.

The Chinese Cultural Center address is 668 North 44th Street, Suite #201W, Phoenix , Arizona.

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