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Russian Classes

The Russian language, culture, economy and politics have been one of the most influential in the world for the past few centuries. Russian remains today an important foreign language in the worlds economic and political stage. Although Russia’s economy is only sixth in the world, in terms of GDP, they are a major exporter and importer that offer many opportunities. In addition Russian is an important political language and the US government is always seeking Russian speakers.

Here at Le Tutor we always focus on improving the fluency and enriching the vocabulary by using customized lessons for our students. In the end it’s the results that matter to the people that come to us to learn a language and we want to make sure they’re happy, and of course able to speak the language they want to learn.

Russian is a challenging language to learn, but not an impossible one. Depending on the reasons why you want to learn Russian, we’ll help you achieve those goals by teaching you only the main parts that you need to know. Many people want to learn Russian because they’re going to travel or do business in Russia.

Our teachers are native Russian speakers, so it’ll be easier for you to learn the language and eliminate common mistakes that people make.

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Schedule: Decided with teacher (Private Lesson Only)

Tuition: Varies based on course selection – Please call 480-626-5180 for details.

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