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Spanish Classes in Phoenix, AZ

Why Learn Spanish?

  • Increase job opportunities

  • Get a pay raise

  • Enjoy foreign travel

  • Make new friends

At Le Tutor we teach you to speak Spanish faster than anywhere else. Spanish lessons and private tutoring are available. ­­ All classes are taught by a native speaker in small classroom sizes. Hands­ on speaking practice and individual attention in each class is fundamental in becoming fluent in this beautiful language. Learn in real ­life themed lessons so that you can communicate confidently in Spanish.

Classes and schedules are convenient and casual, as well as available year round. Our instructors and curriculum have proven results. Please see our Testimonials page to see what past and present students have to say.

Spanish Class Information

Beginner Spanish class schedule

This class is for absolute beginners through low intermediate students.  Students who have an understanding of basic vocabulary but are not yet having conversations will find this class challenging but effective.  Your teacher will speak predominantly in Spanish but will frequently explain in English to help you develop your ear for Spanish.

Schedule: Monday + Wednesday 6-7:15pm | |Saturdays 9-11am

Tuition: $125 per month (w/ full enrollment), Private Lessons Available

$30 materials fee at start

Location: 1550 S Alma School Road #101 Mesa, AZ 85210, AZ

Intermediate Spanish class schedule

The intermediate course is for lower intermediate to high intermediate level students who can hold basic conversations.  Classes are held 100% in Spanish at this level but teachers will explain in English if needed. You teacher will challenge you to expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar and your speaking fluency.

Schedule: Monday + Wednesday 7:30-8:45pm | Saturdays 11:00am-1:00pm

Tuition: $125 per month (w/ full enrollment), Private Lessons Available

$30 materials fee at start

Location: 1550 S Alma School Road #101 Mesa, AZ 85210, AZ

Private Lessons

All teachers offer private lessons.  Private lessons are great for intensive students wanting to make quick progress, students with non standard schedules, students with specific goals like a Spanish language proficiency test or a presentation in a foreign language.

Below are some of the Spanish fluency assessments we can help you prepare for.

Spanish Proficiency Tests

  • CELU – Certificado de Español: Lengua y Uso, Certificate of Use of Language in Spanish.
  • DELE – Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera. Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • TELC – The European Language Certificates
  • OPIc – ACTFL/LTI computerized test of Spanish language proficiency
  • CLEP – Arizona State University (ASU) Spanish placement test

Kids Spanish Class schedule

Fun and engaging lessons for kids 7-11 years old.  Spanish lessons focus on developing vocabulary and basic writing and speaking fluency.  Interactive theme based lessons help students to remember vocabulary from practical lessons.

Schedule: Monday + Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm

Tuition: $85 per month (Group Rate), Private Lessons Available

$30 materials fee at start

Location: 1550 S Alma School Road #101 Mesa, AZ 85210, AZ

About the Spanish Language

Spanish is an important language in the United States and abroad. There are an estimated 34 million Spanish speakers living in the US primarily located in California, Phoenix, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, New York and Illinois. In addition to being extremely practical for making new friends and doing business locally or abroad, Spanish speaking destinations are among our favorites for travel. Latin America and Spain are wonderful places to visit and you will greater enjoy your trips with your new found ability to communicate in Spanish.

  1. Increase Job Opportunities – 109,000 Job listings mentioned Spanish in July of 2013.  A 10% increase from 2012.  In the United States Bilingual is the #1 most requested skill.  Here is a list of fields who hire the most Spanish speakers: Retail Salespersons, Customer Service Representatives, Social and Human Service Assistants, Registered Nurses, First-Line Supervisors, Insurance Sales Agents, Sales Agents, Financial Services, Tellers ,Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Medical Assistants, Assistant Manager, Manager

  2. Earn more money – data shows that bilingual employees make 5-20% more than non bilingual employees.  In addition gives you more opportunities for promotion as two thirds of executives speak a foreign language.

  3. Enjoy foreign travel – There are 22 countries that speak Spanish as a primary language. Mexico being that largest Spanish speaking population in the world and bordering Arizona.  Mexico is within driving distance of Arizona and flying to major cities is a relatively short flight. Feel confident in Spanish speaking countries and get to know the local sites with ease.

  4. Make new friends – 12% of the US population speaks Spanish and 20% of Arizona’s population speaks Spanish.  Worldwide there are 420,000,000 Spanish speakers.  Consider how much larger your social pool grows by speaking Spanish as a second language in the United States.

Here are some companies that are hiring in Arizona that are based in or doing business in Spanish speaking countries.

  1. Bimbo Foods

  2. BBVA banks

  3. Abengoa Solar

  4. Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold

  5. Zucarmex

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In your free trial you’ll attend an existing class so that you can experience what a normal class is like.  Meet your native Spanish teacher and even participate if you feel ready.  After your trial if you would like to continue with classes beginner students will receive a free starter lesson as part of your enrollment.

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