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Language Classes and Training in 14 Languages

Language Classes

Le Tutor Language School offers foreign language training in 14 languages and specializes in teaching conversational foreign language skills. We offer three different types of classes:

  • Group Language Classes – (All Ages)
  • Private Lessons – (All Ages)
  • Kids Classes – (7-11 years)
  • Mommy and Me Classes – (2.5-6 years)

Check our classes page to learn more about our language classes.

Business Language Training

Speaking the language of your clients can make a huge difference when competing for a sale, developing relationships and building loyalty. We all know that business is about relationships and speaking or even making an effort to communicate in your customers language can prove your commitment to them. Whether your customers are local or abroad we can customize a language training program that give you the skills you need to execute your customer service and sales goals.


Local Business:

Example 1 – If you would like to grow your business learning Spanish can help you to reach the more than 1.5 million Spanish speakers in Phoenix, Arizona. Once you build a relationship with a few customers they will be very loyal and tell their friends about your service. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

Example 2 – You have a service business that has a large number of limited English or non English speaking employees.  A great benefit that can improve your customer service experience and employee loyalty is providing English classes.  Our instructors can come to your restaurant, construction site or place of business on a weekly business to conduct English classes that will help your employees to better serve your customers, improve employee and administration communication and increase employee loyalty.

International Business:

Doing business abroad?  Gain an edge by learning the language of your clients.  Learn conversational foreign language fluency and cultural customs before leaving.

Work for a foreign company?  Learn to communicate with your peers abroad and move up the ladder.

Professional English to Spanish Translation Services

If you have documents in English or Spanish that need to be translated carefully by a professional translator.  We offer you the best English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations services possible.  Our translators are trained and certified translators who have proven their expertise through their years providing high quality English to Spanish translations for our clients.

Our Spanish translators have expertise translating for:

  • Business
    • Employee Manuals
    • Newsletters
    • Marketing Materials
    • Websites
    • Product Descriptions
  • Legal
    • Agreements and contracts
    • Depositions
    • Official documents
    • Notarized translations
    • Apostille translations
  • Personal documents
    • Diplomas
    • Transcripts
    • Birth Certificates
    • Visas

Document translating services are offered for other languages as well.

If you have questions regarding the value a professional “human” English to Spanish translator can bring to your projects or would like a price quote please use the contact form to your left or call 480-626-5180.

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