Business Spanish Class Student – Alan (Rent A Center District Manager)

Business Spanish classes helped Alan to be able to communicate more effectively with his Spanish speaking staff and customers on a daily basis.

Business Spanish Class Student – Rob (Rent A Center District Manager)

In our Business Spanish classes Rob went from being able to not help any customers to being able to make sales by himself in Spanish.

Farsi Lesson Testimonial – Diane Q

German Class Testimonial – Zach V

Portuguese Class Testimonial – Josh M

Spanish Lesson Testimonial – Ellen

Spanish Classes for Kids Testimonial – Daniela

English Class Testimonial – Omayma

Kimberly Meredith – Spanish Student

Having wanted to learn Spanish for many years, I contacted Le Tutor language services. Aaron has worked with me helping to identify my learning style to aid in the proper fit for an instructor. Her knowledge of language and ability to relate to me professionally and personally is deeply appreciated. If my early experiences are any indication, I will be successful and have a lot of fun in my process of learning a second language.

Susan Beyer – Spanish Student

Just a quick email to thank you for the fantastic tutorial services I am receiving through your company. My tutor comes to my home weekly and I am excited to have the opportunity to learn in my own home at my own pace. I have tried college courses in the passed and dropped out because the pace was too quick or I would get lost and never find my way back to the rest of the class. Now, I have been given the opportunity through popular music, newspapers, books, and individualized lessons to learn a language in a unique approach that I find interesting and, in turn, will allow me to enhance my earning power and further my career in human services. Thanks!

Rosemarie Cristofilo – French Student

After several months of private lessons, I can report that I have been very pleased with the services of Le Tutor Language Services. They are professional, flexible and prompt in scheduling sessions and creative in adapting lesson plans to meet the needs of the individual student. After years of learning on my own, I saw a dramatic improvement in my conversation skills through my use of Le Tutor.

Yardena Lalum – English Student (Intel Employee)

Getting training for my children’s by;LeTutor was a great experience and professional. My kids increased their vocabulary from a level of almost 0 words to ~50 words all within 10 lesson’s. All studies were in a fun way, pleasure and games, that caused my kids to be looking forward to those lessons. The flexibility the teacher showed, and the low price was a winning combination. Thank you!

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